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Welcome to the Website…

Just like all of us as humans, this space will grow and evolve over time but in the week I have ‘officially’ publicly opened my coaching doors I wanted to follow up by launching the website to sit alongside my Instagram page which also feeds directly into this site.

I have enjoyed reading various blogs for a while so wanted to include this feature from the off – there are no grand intentions from me other than authentically and honestly communicating whatever I’m feeling whenever the urge strikes my fingers to tap, tap, tap away on the keyboard.

What I’m feeling right now is a real sense of achievement at having taken the leap of faith to follow what has become my deep inner purpose and desire to serve other people on their own personal development and life journeys. It’s been a long, long road for me personally to reach this point and the investments I have made in myself by trusting in the services of other people, their expertise and experience to support my learning and growth over the past few years have been invaluable and I want to acknowledge each and everyone of those amazing people here.

That said, it’s also 100% me that has done this work and that needs to be celebrated as well – there really are no shortcuts to long lasting and transformational personal development and growth but when those ‘wow’ moments happen it’s often a profound experience and over time with commitment becomes a way of being and really does lead to a richer, more authentic and exciting life.

That’s it for now except to express a sincere thank you for your curiosity and interest in reading this far and exploring the website – please do say hi by leaving a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list.

Until the next time……..

1 thought on “Welcome to the Website…”

  1. Hi Nick

    I hope that you are doing well and I wish you all the best in your new Career. I cannot praise you enough to be using your life experiences and also educating yourself to help others that maybe struggling or need support.
    In life you never know when you may need to seek support, guidance .counselling/therapy out, it can sometimes creep upon you without warning and knowing.
    All the best.
    Diane Mee

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