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The Adventure Continues…

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What a couple of weeks of learning it’s been!!

Continuing to discover what it takes to create a business, mostly from a starting point of not having a clue what I am doing and ALL the thoughts and feelings that can accompany that – I know you know what I am talking about!

Combine that with travelling abroad for the first time since Covid struck and finding time to try to study to increase my skill set with the aim of being able to offer an even more comprehensive coaching experience for my clients, it would be especially easy for me as a highly sensitive person to become overstimulated and then overwhelmed.

I’m more than happy to share with you that there have been moments when that is EXACTLY what has happened. This can feel really uncomfortable, scary and I usually experience anxiety and fear combined with an urge to seek safety, in this case by telling myself to not be so silly to follow my dreams and try to live my best and most purposeful life. Sound familiar?

For years I listened to that voice and played it small, settling for the ‘safety’ of 9 – 5 jobs that did not excite me at all and a personal life of little exploration and adventure – I convinced myself this was all I deserved.

These days, moments like this for me are where the gold is to be found, because I experience just how much more resilient I have become these past few years. I honour the experience I am having but self soothe using a variety of tactics and tools I now possess to just ‘be’ with the knowledge these feelings WILL pass – and they do.

Every. Single. Time.

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