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Who am I?

Why am I so passionate about Transformational Coaching?

Hi, I am Nick! I am a Transformational Coach who identifies as a highly sensitive person (he/him), INFP, Enneagram 4, emotional health, wellbeing, and peer support advocate.

My outer world life experiences include having played football semi-professionally and representing my country as a teenager, gaining a degree in Theology and teaching English in Italy in my 20s, becoming a singer/songwriter, co-forming a band and releasing an album in my 30s and all the while developing coaching and mentoring experience within a variety of environments, including sports teams and corporate leadership roles which I have extensively concentrated on in my 40s.

However, my inner world life experiences tell a contrasting story. As a highly sensitive man, I spent many years of my life feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated by my environment, feeling no meaningful connection to myself, the other people in my life and the world in general. This led to various long-standing toxic and addictive behaviours behind the scenes that at various times cost me partners, friendships, jobs, money and my overall health and wellbeing.

The lowest periods of my life were filled with crippling anxiety, depression, and low self-worth – my initial response to these challenges was to ‘keep myself safe’ and unconsciously build an invisible fortress around me. However, over time, I began to recognise that my fortress was keeping me stuck and isolated and eventually I started consciously reaching out for help and support which has taken many forms in recent years.

I have invested heavily in my healing, personal development, and growth via talking therapies, holistic 1:1 coaching, leadership development, group programmes, self-directed learning, all the while, embracing and refining various daily wellbeing rituals and goals. These experiences have allowed me to live a more compassionate, congruent, connected life and unlocked a deep passion and purpose within me to serve other people according to their needs and goals.

In addition to my lived and professional experiences, I have gained level 3 certification in counselling skills and I am a fully ACPPH accredited transformational coach, N.L.P. practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

My mission is to co-create a space to empower you to feel safe enough to step outside of your fortress, as your authentic self. To finally let go of your limiting beliefs and behaviours and start thriving, not just surviving.

Start your transformation with me now​