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Back in the classroom…

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Wow, what a month of May it has been!

I end it a qualified transformational life coach, NLP and Clinical Hypnosis practitioner and i am really excited to bring these skills into my coaching business with immediate effect. I have been coaching in one form or another for quite a few years now, but I wanted to be able to widen my skill set to be able to offer other transformative techniques to my clients so I’m really pleased to have accomplished that goal ahead of what looks like being an amazing summer.

I’m also really happy to feel part of something much bigger than the goals & aspirations I have for myself and my future. I have met some amazing new people as part of this training and I feel that peer support is really important within this industry which is absolutely aligned with my own beliefs and values. I’m excited to discover what amazing opportunities await me and I know my partner Jess feels the same ( / @thehighlysensitivecoach).

I will be updating this site again shortly and as part of that revamp also announcing some further client offerings I am currently working on which will ensure anyone wishing to invest in themselves can do so by working with me in a number of different ways.

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