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World Mental Health Day…

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I prefer the term mental & emotional health as for me, this better captures what it really means to think about our wellness, in addition to the more commonly understood physical health. I also am a big advocate for spending time to take intentional action towards, and to reflect on, all three as a ‘way of being’, rather than something to consider only when we start to feel unwell in some way.

We ALL have mental, emotional and physical health, just by being alive as human beings. Incorporating a personalised plan/timetable to support us on our life journey that considers even a simple model such as the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ can really make a difference. These are learn, move, connect, observe and give.

Learn – a new skill, piece of information, start a course, pick up a self-development book, Embrace a growth mindset.

Move – physical exercise doesn’t have to mean a session at the gym. A walk in nature or having a dance can be just as effective.

Connect – be with other people, share, support and hold space for each other. Invite someone for a coffee, talk openly, listen intently.

Observe – take a moment to notice the small things around you – be truly present in those moments. Look around you and feel the finer details of your environment.

Give – doesn’t have to be a ‘grand’ or financial gesture. Take time to chat with people, smile at someone you pass in the street.

I am really happy that there are days like this regularly in the calendar, I can remember when mental health was almost a taboo subject! That said, I dream about a day when mental, emotional and physical wellbeing are SO front and centre in society’s and our personal priorities we don’t need mental health awareness days.

Look after yourselves and those around you every day.

Until the next time x

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